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Shenzhen Jianhe Smart Card Technology is located on approximately coastal city of shenzhen, August 1, 2002 into production, is a collection of scientific research, production, sales, engineering in the integration of high-tech enterprise, which has 300 DuoRen production can. 4000 square metres of clean production workshop, professional production of non-contact and contact IC card, ID card, video card, entrance card, metal card, DianXinKa, magnetism card, the membership card, bar code card, employee's card card and other kinds of PVC card and ID and IC core material; All kinds of card reader and member management system. And committed to the promotion of green environmental protection material fabrication career. Have DuoNian rich production management experience, the company in 2000 to all employees' since 7 S management import. To introduce the advanced fabrication assembly lines: Heidelberg color printing machine, automatic four synthetic machine, high speed blunt card machine, automatic high-speed framed magnetic machine, PingMa machine, high speed convex code machine, automatic high-speed hot stamping machine, high speed automatic identification label printing machines, automatic high-speed packaging machine, automatic packaging equipment, such as IC card full set of CARDS industry of advanced equipments, annual production capacity to 300 million copies and more. Each index all of the products to the international credit card standards. The imported high quality substrate PVC materials and PET, PS, PP, PC and other environmental protection material, printing ink, magnetic stripe are imported and famous brand products, raw all reached the international environmental protection standard. Can ensure that for the vast number of users with the products of high quality. Strict control semi-finished products, the waste treatment, protect users timely shattered the legitimate rights and interests. For better service domestic users, in order to adapt to the rapid development, building and people give full play, the other is located in d.c., based on the advantage of Hong Kong and Macao brought shenzhen, the radiation; And in the international market has and Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, and other established good relations of cooperation.
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